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Your Voice in Sacramento

We regularly bring our members to meet with legislators and regulators in Sacramento. We come to these meetings to provide our government leaders with advice and counsel as representatives of FPA members in California, their clients and the profession of financial planning.


In co-operation with FPA National, we seek to bring attention to regulatory and legislative issues (primarily Californian) that concern our members statewide. This includes education, direct communication with members and calls to action.


Part of our mission is to open up the channel between the members of our local chapters and their legislators and regulators. We encourage and support all members to engage their local legislators and share their expertise and perspective as financial planning professionals.

The Momentum Continues for Advocacy Day 2017

Advocacy Days included a follow up meeting with officials from the Department of Business Oversight, which regulates state-registered RIA firms and broker-dealers in California, in which we discussed appropriate oversight of investment advisors, audit frequency and our take on the best ways to protect the public. We met with the head of the Department of Insurance, Commissioner Jones,  to further explore our common interest in weeding out bad actors in the insurance industry and make more clear the distinction between someone who does “financial planning” and a person who is only compensated to sell a financial product. We’ve fielded questions and comments about the fiduciary standard and the Department of Labor’s recent regulatory changes. We are gauging and monitoring how officials in Sacramento interpret these rules and how they anticipate them playing out at the state level. We also presented our ongoing opposition to a sales tax on “services” provided by professionals such as financial planners (California’s Senate Bill No. 8). While we’ve accomplished a lot in a very short time, there is still a long way to go. Every relationship between an FPA member and a key official or staff member in Sacramento will help us with our mission. As such, it is never too late for you to participate and start forging ties with your own local representatives. Advocacy Days in Sacramento are done for 2017 but we will return to the capitol next March. Meanwhile, in September we’ll be visiting with local representatives in their home offices during our Advocacy Week. This is an easy, quick and low cost way for you to get a taste...

Details for Advocacy Week – 9-18-17 to 9-22-17

Date: September 18-22, 2017 Topic(s): FPA of California – Advocacy Week Email #1 – It’s Your Profession – Here’s How You Can Help Shape It Email #2 – Appointment Scripts & Training Webinar...

Advocacy Week 2016 – Another Great Showing!

Our second annual Advocacy Week was this past September where more than 30 members fanned out to visit their respective legislators’ district offices during the legislative recess. This is a cost-effective way to meet legislators and their staff in addition to Advocacy Day slotted for March 7, 2017. Below are some photos highlighting the experience:          ...

Advocacy Week, 09-19-16 through 09-23-16

Your FPA of California Council needs YOU! Yes, we would like you to be a part of our second annual FPA of California Advocacy Week. We invite you to join us during the week of September 19th through 23rd to engage locally with your state senator and assemblymember. During this week, your legislators will be at home in their respective districts and you have the opportunity to meet with them and introduce yourself and the Financial Planning Association of California to them.  Continue reading...

Advocacy Day 03-07-2017 – Registration is Now Open!

FPA of California will be in Sacramento on Tuesday, March 7th for our fourth annual FPA of California Advocacy Day. We will be at the Capitol to engage in conversations with our State Senators and/or Assembly Members to introduce ourselves and FPA of California to them. We have found during previous advocacy visits to Sacramento and local district offices that representatives and staff are generally open to hearing about financial planning and how we are different from others in the financial services world. We appreciate the members statewide who are taking time from their busy practices to join us in Sacramento. Like anything in life or business, RELATIONSHIPS matter and these meetings build stronger relationships with elected officials and their staff members. When issues do arise (and they will), we will be more effective in influencing the outcome if we already have those relationships in place. For more information or to register, click...

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