Welcome to the FPA of CA

FPA (Financial Planning Association) of California was formed in 2012 to be an advocate on behalf of our members and their clients regarding issues that impact our clients’ financial success and the financial planning profession. In addition, FPA of CA seeks to be a resource for California’s elected and appointed officials, offering an informed, professional perspective on legislative and regulatory issues.

  • FPA of CA is the coalition of eleven California chapters of the Financial Planning Association. We represent roughly 3,000 members and serve over 300,000 California constituents. Our coalition is part of the national Financial Planning Association which serves almost 25,000 members across nearly 90 chapters nationwide.
  • FPA of CA is working to establish collaborative relationships with allied professional organizations representing CPAs, attorneys and insurance professionals in order to build strong alliances on issues that affect our clients and the financial planning profession.

Our Primary Areas of Focus

Your Voice in Sacramento

We regularly bring our members to meet with legislators and regulators in Sacramento. We come to these meetings to provide our government leaders with advice and counsel as representatives of FPA members in California, their clients and the profession of financial planning.


In co-operation with FPA National, we seek to bring attention to regulatory and legislative issues (primarily Californian) that concern our members statewide. This includes education, direct communication with members and calls to action.


Part of our mission is to open up the channel between the members of our local chapters and their legislators and regulators. We encourage and support all members to engage their local legislators and share their expertise and perspective as financial planning professionals.

2019 Sacramento Advocacy Day

Every year, FPACA Members head to Sacramento in March to meet with legislators and regulators.

We’re Part of FPA


Advocacy is one of the four pillars of the national Financial Planning Association (FPA)

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